Friday, 14 April 2017

Robust SEO Strategy for Changing Scenarios

Although, SEO may involve working on free tools, it’s still an investment that you make to market your business. With that said, you wouldn’t like this investment to go wasted even at the smallest extent. Thus, a SEO strategy that responds well in different scenarios is something that you would want your tam to be working on.

The bigger challenge here is that the search engines update their algorithms pretty frequently, leading to the changes in ranking signals. Keeping this case in mind, a robust SEO strategy has to anticipate such changes.

Having your team working on such SEO strategy, it remains your responsibility to communicate with them regularly to discuss any update or change by search engine or any other online authority that would have potential to affect SEO.

Now, we are going to discuss some of the challenges that most of the SEO face. I would like to elaborate it with the help of a graph that shows percentages of people reacting to the question “What SEO challenges are you facing?

Keeping up with the Google changes emerged as one of the top challenges according to the audience in that particular webinar on SEO strategy development. Well, the easy answer to this question is to stay up-to-date with changing online scenarios. You can forward news and blogs about recently launched or yet-to-come updates to your SEO team. One thing worth mentioning here is that you should allocate dedicated resources for the SEO. If the marketing team has to manage email marketing and advertisement along with the SEO, your SEO operations will hugely be undermined because they wouldn’t be able to keep up with the Google changes.

Lack of resources is another challenge that most of the SEOs talk about. If you, somehow, manage to get information about majority of SEO tactics, you would really want to use all of them. The problem, however, is that you will be held back due to lack of the resources. SEO is overlapped by almost all of the marketing methodologies. And if you are planning to work with every one of that, your SEO operations will be going to require an unimaginably huge budget.

Another big challenge is regarding fulfilling the expectations of clients. It’s normal for the clients to want additional leads and extended ROI. However, the problems arise when client do not have basic knowhow about SEO and its functions. In that case, the SEOs need to stick with the best of their efforts while making the client understand about how things work.

Showing true SEO value to the clients is a bit tricky. It can be termed as marketing a service after the client purchases it. Since SEO is all about improving ROI, you need to keep a record of the data to prove that you have actually helped the company in getting the better ROI. Proper documentation, which would also involve metrics, should be your primary focus when it comes to showing true value of your SEO strategy.

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